Best Luxury restaurants and Wedding venues on Bosphorus

In a city as imperial as Istanbul, in a place as exciting as luxury Bosphorus, one could only have numerous choices of entertaiment! This wonderful city offers unforgettable moments, at luxury spaces located right on the banks of imposing Bosphorus…

luxury Bosphorus

The Best Luxury entertainment on Bosphorus starts here!




A visit to this well known club, is always an unforgettable experience. Reina is situated at the wonderful area of Ortakoy on the European side, almost under the first bridge of Bosphorus, providing amazing views to the city. Several bars, restaurants and of course dance floors consist thisluxurious open air club. For over 13 years, Reina is an elite destination for your nights out!



tapasuma istanbul

The lovely area of Cengelkoy at the Asian side of the city, offers this wonderful restaurant, located right on the seashore of Bosphorus. Tapasuma is hosted at a beautiful Ottoman distillery of the 19th century, providing luxury ambience and a gorgeous decoration. The menu consists of delicious fish dishes and unique Turkish mezzes, prepared by experts chefs.



sortie istanbul

Another famous club along the shore of Bosphorus, on the European side of the city, is Sortie. Spectacular views, elite atmosphere and great music, are some of the advantages of this well known venue. Sortie is located at the Kurucesme area, hosting 6 restaurants and 3 bars, where you can at the same time, enjoy savory dishes and dance with the rythms of the latest trends of the world music.



la mancha istanbul

One of the finest restaurants offering a mix of Italian, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine, is the superb La Mancha. Located on the European side, between the first and the second bridge of Bosphorus, this luxury restaurant provides incredible views and wonderful interior design. The best way to enjoy a drink , picked out of the long list of wine and coctails is at the wonderful bar, from where you can admire the beauty of Istanbul.



The Best restaurants for Wedding events on Bosphorus! Experience unforgettable moments on the most important day of your life… and enjoy the best wedding dinner on Bosphorus! 



tugra ciragan palace

Ciragan Palace, the best example of the Ottoman architecture of the 19th century, hosts a fantastic restaurant at its first floor. Grab one of the best opportunities to enjoy fine dining, at the most romantic and exquisite environment, admiring at the same time the unbelievable views to Bosphorus. The absolute place to feel like a Sultanis located at the lively area of Besiktas. 

For those who want to have a luxury wedding dinner, Ciragan Palace offers its wonderful garden overlooking Bosphorus and the romantic ballroom, which make this venue the ideal place to live moments that will be forever engraved in your heart!



suada istanbul

A totally different venue, apart of the usual ones, is this small isle located 165 meters away from the European shore of Kurucesme. Suada was built in 1872 as a gift to Serkis Kalfa, until the Galatasaray Sports Club transformed it into a social facility in 1957. Nowadays, is the absolute hot spot of the city, offering luxury restaurants, nicht clubs, swimming pools and above all, amazing views to Istanbul.

On the most special day of your life, Suada offers you an elegant area, beautifully decorated, where you can spend an unforgettable night, celebrating right in the middle of Bosphorus! Make your dream come true at this unique venue…




Right under the imposing second bridge of Bosphorus, one can find this refined venue, located on a historic mansion on the shore of the famous strait. A wonderful outdoor area, where you can enjoy both the delicious dishes of the Turkish cuisine and the amazing views to the city. The ideal place, especially during the summer months, that can be reached with a small boat departing from the European side.

Lacivert invites you on your most significant day of your life! Offering a picturesque coastal view… promises to live endless romantic moments, having as backround the marvelous city of Istanbul.




Next to the aristocratic mosque of Ortakoy, on the banks of magnificent Bosphorus, is situated the elegant Feriye Palace. A beautiful complex, built with Ottoman architecture in the 19th century. In 1995, a section of the palace turned into a luxury restaurant, which quickly became one of the most famous ones in Istanbul, called Feriye Lokantasi. 

At this exclusive venue, one can enjoy the best wedding party, all year long! During the summer months at the wonderful outdoor area, which offers unbelievable views to Bosphorus… and during the winter months, at the warm atmosphere infront of the fireplace!


Bosphorus in Istanbul is an amazing jewel, where one can find dozens of wonderful sights, both on the European and on the Asian side of its shores! Explore it with a private cruise and let us know about your impressions! 


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  1. I would definitely try to go to Reina or Sortie! These locations seem amazing! I love Bosphorus! Thank you so much for the list! :)

  2. Thank you for all the useful informataion….I once visited Ciragan and it was more than excuisit…Next time I ll try to visit some of the other suggested restaurants and bars…

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