Antique Shops Around the Grand Bazaar

Istanbul is an irresistible destination for antiquities hunters.  People started appreciating the old while the modern era brings blah, cookie-cutter and soulless products under the name of “modern”.  I believe people worked more on whatever they produced and they put their heart and individuality in it in the past. Products from past, seems more valuable to me and I guess, to many others. Since the vintage became popular, antique shops also became more popular.  Here you can find 3 best antique shops around the Grand Bazaar.

Sofa Antique

kasif sofa

Sofa is an amazing place where you can get lost in the epic history. It is located just outside of the Grand Bazaar’s Nurosmaniye gates.

Amazing place run by amazing couple Kasif and Dilek.  Their aim is to present a selected, unique wide range of engravings and other print media, old maps, vintage jewelry, tiles, ceramics and mosaics, paintings, textiles, embroidery and needlework to everyone.

I would say visit, even if you are not planning to by anything! Just to smell the history.

Nuruosmaniye Caddesi No. 53/A, Nuruosmaniye; P: (0212) 520 28 50 51

Ziya Aykac Antique

Antique ist

Ziya Aykac is one of the oldest antique shops in the Grand Bazaar. Ziya Aykac Antique features impressive selection of antique silver, fabric and hand woven fabrics, ceramics and other treasures. Offers warm atmosphere with a very full store.  For those looking for silver  or hand woven items must stop at Ziya aykac`s store. One of my `visit-anyvay` picks!

Tekkeciler Sokak No.68-70, Grand Bazaar; P: (0212) 527 60 82

Şalabi Antique


Salabi is another old standby antique shop in the Grand Bazaar which was founded in 1880. Salabi is the place where you can find city’s best Ottoman and early Republic goods. You can easily catch it with its wooden frame that separates from the other shops in the bazaar. Here you can also find small items such as silver chains, opulent necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and cologne bottles. Salabi also has a collection of wooden paintings and biblical scenes. For more, you should definitely stop at Salabi.

Grand Bazaar, Sandal Bedesten Sokak No.6 P: (0212) 522 81 71

If you in need of a professional assistance of an experienced tour guide.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article! I have been checking your articles lately and it seems like you know Istanbul very well! Ziya Aykac Antique shop looks extra ordinary and you raised my curiosity with this article, so know I am planning to visit it really soon!
    Thanks again!
    Great job.

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