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Because of the huge history of the city, the  impression about art in Istanbul is usually traditional art but it is currently one of the cultural hot spots of Europe and it is a city that brings Western and Eastern culture together and also offers Modern Art. It is a good time to enjoy ART GALLERIES IN ISTANBUL for art lovers!

Here are the best and the most popular art galleries in Istanbul.


istanbul modern

Istanbul Modern is the first private museum and art gallery to organize and host modern and contemporary art exhibitions in İstanbul. It is perfectly located on the shores of the Bosphorus.

What could be enjoyed there?

Stunning view of the Bosphorus, modern art exhibitions, a photography gallery, spaces for educational and social programs, a cinema and a restaurant.


salt galata 1



Not just an art exhibition, not just a gallery but much much more SALT has multiple locations to go along with its multiple uses. One of them is located in the historical Galata District the other is located in the heart of Istanbul, The Beyoğlu District. They serve as a cultural hub for art. Since the day it opened  in 2011, SALT has been hailed as a new chapter in Turkey’s contemporary art scene.

What could be enjoyed there? 

1,500 square feet of exhibition space, a walk-in theatre, a research library, extensive archives, Istanbul’s premier English-language bookstore Robinson Crusoe 389, and a panoramic restaurant.




Banks are about money finances and business, right? Not necessarily! Yapı Kredi Kultur Merkezi is an example therefor.Bringing diverse culture into Istanbul, this unique cultural centre features exhibits and activites with artists from all over the world. Reflecting various themes and artisitc eras. one of the most noticable thereof is the plastic arts exhibit.

What could be enjoyed there? 

Various cultural activites, engaging arts exhiibitions in addition to book promotions.



Chic, is a word which can describe the Galerist Art Gallery the most. The building in which it finds place stands out from anything in Istanbul and boasts a high reputation in this magical city. Hosting photography galleries, fashion and amazingly realistic paintings by some of the most renowned artist in the world, if art is on your list……. pay this gallery a visit.

What could be enjoyed there?

Photography, paintings, fashion shows and giving the fact that it’s in the same building as the famous bar 360, perhaps a night out in the town.



How old can a contemporary museum be. 50? 60? Well… this one is a hundred years old. And it’s not even a full time muesum. How did that happen? During the week the borusan art gallery in the iconic “perili köşk” serves as an office space only to be converted to a mesmerizing museum during the weekends. This gallery is a must-see for art lovers to have a taste of Istanbul.

What could be enjoyed there?

The most two famous regular galleries there in is segment 1 and seven new works. And each is more amazing than the other, featuiring videos, drawings and art pieces, they’re literally undescribable by words.



Opened it doors in 2005 and serves as Istanbul’s one of the most popular museums since then. Pera Museum houses permanent collection of oriental portrait paintings, Anatolian weights and measuraments and Kütahya tiles for visitors. Osman Hamdi’s “The Tortoise Trainer” (Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi in Turkish) is one of the most famous paintings in the museum.  It is located in the centre of the Istanbul and can be easily accessed from Şişhane metro station  or Tunel station.

What could be enjoyed there?

Besides exhibitions, regular film screenings, concerts, and other events they offer throughout the year could be also a good reason to visit Pera Museum. It is strongly suggested to visit!

Let someone very into art take you to all the best art galleries in Istanbul and explain you all about them and make you feel the spirit! A private tour could be arranged by LuxuryIstanbul Team happily.

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