Best Luxury mansions on Bosphorus for a dreamlike Wedding


Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life… love gives us a fairytale!

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And what a fairytale would be like, without a dreamy place to be played?

For those who are still thinking the best venues for the wedding dinner… the answer can be found at the most scenic place in Istanbul… on the shores of Bosphorus. Imperial mansions providing idyllic and romantic atmosphere, situated at the most spectacular location of this amazing city!

The best mansions for weddings on Bosphorus are waiting to host your love…

Esma Sultan Mansion

esma sultan

A fantastic and unique structure, which is one of the city’s most luxurious and famous venues! This beautiful yali, was given to Esma Sultan, daughter of Sultan Abdülaziz, as a wedding gift in 1875. After being on the possession of the Ottoman Empire for many years, the Marmara chain hotel purchased the building and reopened it as an event venue in the late 90s. Although a big fire destroyed the interior of the mansion in 1975, you can still see the beautiful brick exterior. Located right on the banks of Bosphorus next to the marvelous Ortakoy mosque… makes it the absolute venue for your wedding day!  

Küçüksu Palace


At the Asian side of the city and very close to the second bridge of Bosphorus, lies this well-known and lovely mansion, designed in neo-baroque style in 1857. This small mansion was built on the orders of Sultan Abdulaziz, as a resting place during country excursions and hunting! Kucuksu Palace, consists of two main storeys with a fantastic interior design, decorated with Italian marble, fine wood parquet floors, imposing crystal chandeliers and unique carpets. Its great location, right on the seashore and the amazing views to the European side of Istanbul, makes this place one of your best choices for your marriage ceremony!

Ciragan Palace


CiraganPalace, is the best example of the Ottoman architecture of the 19th century. It was built in 1867 during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz as an Ottoman Palace, with baroque style and soft colors, at the lively area of Besiktas right in front of the banks of amazing Bosphorus. Now runs as a five-star hotel, giving you the opportunity to feel like a Sultan, offering a romantic wedding terrace, a wonderful ballroom and a fantastic garden overlooking Bosphorus and the Asian side of Istanbul. Its luxury and exquisite enviroment, makes Ciragan Palace the ideal place to live moments that will be forever engraved in your heart!

Sait halim Pasa

sait salim pasa

Shortly after the second imposing Bosphorus bridge, lies a beautiful jewel that provides spectacular views to the city, being located right at the European seashore of Bosphorus! This historic mansion was purchased by AbdulhalimPasa, who, after his death, bequeathed it to his 9 children. Sait Salim Pasa, gathered all the shares from his brothers and became the sole owner, thus the name of the mansion. The interior has influences from the Egyptian-Arabian culture, but in general it is designed in typical empire style, with the two lion statues of the Selamik gate being the highlights of the overall decoration. The perfect place for your special day, all year long!

Adile Sultan Yalisi

adile sultan yalisi

This fantastic former royal residence was a gift by Sultan Abdülmecit to his loving sister Adile Sultan, in 1856. Located upon a hill on the Asian side of Istanbul, right in the middle of the two Bosphorus bridges, provides panoramic views both to the sea and city! Before her death, Adile Sultan donated the Palace to the state, in order to be used as a school building for the Kandili Anatolian High School. In 1986 and after its restoration by the businessman SakipSabanci, the palace became one of the most respectable venues for all kinds of organizations in Istanbul. The wonderful garden with the amazing views to Bosphorus, will make your dreams come true!

Sepetciler Kasri

sepetciler kasri istanbul

At the point where the famous Bosphorus strait, the sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn meet, lies this beautiful former mansion of the Ottoman era. Located right at the waterfront, at the well known Sirkeci area, Sepetiler Kasri was built by Sultan Murad III, as an extension of the Topkapi Palace in 1591! Over the years, it served as the goverment’s Foreign Press Office, as an army pharmacy and a warehouse. This four storey mansion with thick stone walls and wooden doors, provides unbelievable panoramic views to Istanbul, that you can enjoy during the most special day of your life.


—Another famous venue to celebrate your love is the well-known Cubuklu 29. Although it is neither a mansion nor a palace, it is equally amazing! Cubuklu29, provides a unique and spacious area which offers magnificent views to the city and the beautiful Bosphorus. Being located on the waterfront, shortly after the second bridge on the Asian side, this famous venue is synonymous to luxury!—

wedding in istanbul

Do you want to see how these wonderful mansions look from distance? Do you want to enjoy them all just in one day, without coming across trafic? The best thing you can do is to take a Bosphorus tour by private yacht and enjoy not only the imposing strait but also all these gorgeous samples of the Ottoman architecture and the absolute venues for your special day…

Check here for more information about how you can celebrate the best day of your life! Luxurious choices at the most amazing city! And if you are seeking someone to help you plan this unique day… Turkey Event Planner is the best solution!

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