Best Restaurants Serving Ottoman Cuisine

Ottoman Cuisine! We will bring the precious pleasure to your tables from 700 years ago.  If you are after the delicious sepcialities from the places you visit like I am, Here I am to tell you my picks of the best restaurants serving Ottoman Cuisine.

 Bon Appetit!



One of the unique restaurants in Istanbul which dedicated itself to present Ottoman Palace(Edirne and Topkapi) Cuisine to their beloved guests. Eventhough, to get there becomes a trouble by passing through narrow streets and even loosing yourself for a moment, it’s worth all the efforts.

There is indoor and outdoor places. The best is to get an outdoor table to prevent the indoor’s quite formal mood. In the garden, a few big trees welcome you to refreshing and tasty time.

Its alacarte presentations are based on documents of a historical doctor Celaleddin Hızır(A.K.A. Hacı Paşa) who had written Muntehab-ı Şifa. In his book, black goat meat is prefered to eat for health. So the most be proud of is its Semüz Oğlak(yean) Kebab which is colorized with all the other spices gives a remarkable taste.




Often, people wants to meet new tastes in a place where they can see a great view. The view that sea right next to your feet and that sea seperates but the bridge connects two continents. That’s the one. Feriye Palace gives you unforgetable times and tastes.

Their menu is so various. From lamp chops to artichoke, from fish to its special soups. All comes from knowledge and savings of Ottoman palace cuisine. And their presentation is unique, nothing like you’ve seen before. All the spices, all the sauces make the food, master-piece. When the whole positivity comes togather, will make you visit again.




As a restaurant, if you’re serving Ottoman “palace” cuisine, there is no any other place which you can find more meaningful than close to Topkapi Palace. Matbah Restaurant is located at one of the old standby boutique hotels in Old City, Istanbul “The Ottoman Imperial”.

As a suggestion, it’s a great place that should be visited on a warm summer night so can be enjoyed the meals and the open air historical view.

The alacarte menu can be more different than you find on internet because it’s changing monthly and  seasonal. Chief prefers to keep menu seasonal so to get the spices and vegetables real tastes and let the meals reveal their own magnificent tastes. While you are there, please try kabak tatlısı for me. Matbah’s kabak tatlısı is just irresistable!

The ambient is so quiet and relaxing eventhough the restaurant locates next to Haghia Sophia, right in the center of Sultanahmet. It’s a perfect place to celebrate anniversaries, Velantine’s day etc.

So…. Have you not reserved a table yet?

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