Best sights on the Asian side of Bosphorus

Bosphorus is a magical seal that divides and also connects the two continents… Europe and Asia!

bosphorus asian side

Bosphorus in Istanbul, is a wonderful pass, huge part of the history and a place where many important events took place during the centuries! At the ancient times,Bosphorus remained unpopulated there were only temples dedicated to sea gods to ensure a safe journey through those waters.


Over the years and while the Empires were changing, the Asian shore of this famous strait, turned into a wonderful coastline with many beautiful Bosphorus sights. On the Asian side in Istanbul, starting from the area of Kadikoy, the first thing that will attract your attention is the Haydarpasha terminal station. Resembling a German castle, Haydarpasha was the main railway station in the city, along with the Sirkeci station. Opened in 1872, on the order of Sultan Abdulaziz and till today is one of the city’s highlights.

kiz kulesi

Getting closer to Uskudar area at the point where the Sea of Marmara meets Bosphorus, the Maidens Tower stands imposingly, also known as Kiz Kulesi, a tiny isle build hundreds of years ago in order to control the navy traffic. With the passage of time, Kiz Kulesi has been used for several purposes and nowadays is one of the most famous landmarks of Istanbul! Right after the magnificent first bridge of Bosphorus, you can admire a gorgeous Imperial Ottoman summer residence, the famous Beylerbeyi Palace,  built in 1860 on the order of Sultan Abdülaziz, as a place of entertaiment for the heads of the state, and not only.


Continuing at the shore at the Kucuksu neighborhood, you will come across a small summer palace known as the Kucuksu Palace, built for the Ottoman Sultans in a neo-baroque style, serving as a place for excursions and hunting.At the narrowest point of Bosphorus, lies the oldest Turkish structure in Istanbul, built to serve as a watch fort, called Anadolu Hisari. A rustic stone fortress, located very close to the second bridge of Bosphorus, which was bulit during the preparation for the second Ottoman siege of Constantinople, in 1393.

kucuksu palace

Along the gorgeous Asian coastline, the Bosphorus Asian side sights continue, with small, beautiful and well preserved areas, located right on the banks of Bosphorus,will absolutely fascinate you. Adorable districts, lovely and colorful such as Kuzkuncuk, Cengelkoy and Kanlica,extended to the third bridge of Bosphorus,resemble old villages, offering beautiful and luxury mansions.

The best way to enjoy the shores of Istanbul, is to take a Bosphorus tour by private boat. Admire the asian side of Bosphorus and live unique experiences. Explore also the European side of Bosphorus! We would love to know your impressions by leaving a comment.  



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  1. I cant recall when was the last time I took a tour on Bosporus, but I do remember how much I liked it!! And of course I cant remember all these buildings depicted on these marvelous pictures….But this vivid description makes me want to catch the first flight to Istanbul!!!!

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