Best sights on the European side of Bosphorus

Life can’t be all that bad, I’d think from time to time. Whatever happens, I can always take a walk along the Bosphorus”, Orhan Pamuk


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The beautiful Bosphorus has always been of great commercial and strategic importance! This significance of the strait, was one of the factors in the decision of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, to found there his new capital, Constantinople (Istanbul)! An admirable city, which knowing the significance of Bosphorus, looks as if it bows on its banks…

Exploring the breathtaking sights on Bopshorus in Istanbul , gets you into the alive history of this amazing strait. The European side in Istanbul, offers a wide variety of interesting sights, which have been built hundreds of years ago!

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One of them, is the gorgeous Dolmabahce Palace, which has been the last residence of the Ottoman Sultans, after the famous Topkapi Palace. It was built in 1856 by the Empire’s 31st Sultan, Abdülmecid I, designed with eclectic elements inspired by the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles. Not very far from Dolmabahce, you can admire the glorious Ciragan Palace, which nowadays serves as a luxury hotel. A former Ottoman Palace, built with baroque elements and soft colors, in 1867.

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The Bosphorus European side sights continue, with the marvelous Ortakoy mosque, that will definitely attract your attention! This famous mosque is the absolute landmark, not only in the Ortakoy area, but also in the entire seashore of the European side! Right above the mosque, the first bridge of Bosphorus extends. A huge and imposing structure, which connects the European and the Asian side of the city, creating a magnificent sight especially during the night hours! In 1973, upon its completion, it was the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world!

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Approaching the second Bosphorus Bridge, at the Bebek district, a grand fortress is located, known as Rumeli Hisari, a striking landmark in Istanbul, bulit by Sultan Mehmed the Conquer in order to control the sea traffic inBoshporus, in 1452. The fortress consists in total of 17 towers and watchtowers.

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The Bosphorus sights do not end here…  you will also enjoy dozens of magnificent mansions, small pavilions and parks, such as the Emirgan and the Yildiz park. Ortakoy, Arnavutkoy, Bebek, Sariyer and Tarabya, are districts located right on the banks of Bosphorus, creating the feeling of small villages inside the city! Gorgeous areas, full of greenery and wonderful mansions along the coastline. 

For those who love art, they will have the chance to take a glimpse of 3 wonderful museums on the European Bosphorus shore. The Istanbul Modern Museum, the Sadberk Hanim Museum and the Sabanci Museum. Beautiful buildings that host great artworks and many objects of significant value.

Take a Bosphorus tour, explore and admire this unparalleled beauty and let us know about your impressions! Bosphorus in Istanbul is waiting for you…



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