Best Souvenirs From Turkey

I know you always want to take presents to home after a nice holiday. Maybe it is to share your happiness, maybe to reduce the guilt you feel after leaving your children or someone from your family behind when going for a nice holiday. I recommend you to buy something useful or delicious from the specialities of the place you visit. Here you can find best souvenirs from Turkey.

Turkish Delight


Turkish delight is a good choice for sweet lovers! Yummy Turkish deligths are basicly made from starch and sugar. Rest is up to your imagination. The most amazing thing about “lokum” is the feeling when you bite. It is adorable soft and you can find in almost any flavor you like. In Turkey, we call the beautiful women who display the Turkish characteristic “Turkish delight”. You can also mention about that when you present the gift boxed Turkish delight. You can easily find them almost everywhere in Turkey. If you want to get it from the best, you can find it here

Turkish Coffee pot and mugs


Turkish coffee shuld be prepared with traditional Turkish coffee pot. You may think it is so strog or bitter or whatever but true coffee lovers feel the smell and enjoy the taste. What are the benefits?

   Turkish coffee is a perfect avakener after a horrible hangover.
Turkish coffee could be a good painkiller for your headache.
The left gorunds of the coffee in the mug could be used as an anti cellulite peeling.  :)

People like traditional objects specially if they can actually use them. If you get the pot cups and coffee together, I am sure lucky person would love it and would be happy to serve you a delicious cup of Turkish coffee.

Turkish rugs


 Colours, colours, colours! Turkish rugs will allure you with charming colours and texture. It is something that everbody would love to have somewhere in the house. You can try grand bazaar or ask help from LuxuryIstanbul team for the best rugs.  If you ask me it is one of the best souvenirs from Turkey. Why? 

Everone use at least one rug at home so it is useful!
Colours and patterns are so matchy (made up word) with everything.
It is a posh present that everybody would love!


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