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If you are sweet lover like me you are reading the right post.  If you are going to visit Istanbul I am sure you would like to try sweet Turkish specialities.(To read about most popular Turkish Desserts, please click here.) Here you can find old standby and best sweet shops in  Istanbul.

Karakoy Gulluoglu


When it comes to baklava, Karakoy Gulluoglu is one of the most favorite in Istanbul. The story of Gulluoglu started at 1800s with Haci Mehmet Gullu at Gaziantep and still going on at 2000s. It is the 5th generation of Gullu family in this businness. Gulluoglu is that popular exports 200kg turkish sweet per day abroad, mostly Greece. You can find wide selection of Turkish desserts but most preffered at Gulluoglu is baklava as you can guess. :)

Hafiz Mustafa

hafiz mustafa

Hafiz Mustafa is the actual dream place for sweetlovers! Established by Ismail Hakki Zade in 1864. The name Hafiz Mustafa comes from his son who tookover the businness from his father later in 1900s. Hafiz Mustafa known as the first person who invented the “pogaca” ( delicious filled pastry). Puddings are the most favorite at Hafiz Mustafa out of all delicious and fresh dessert and sweet options. It is enough to pass in front of Hafiz Mustafa to starve for a dessert. Their showcase is always so charming and caling!


Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir


Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir is the perfect choice for whom wants to meet all traditional Turkish sweets. This historic brand still runs by the same family since 1777. You can see the pictorial record of Haci Bekir working in his shop, hangs in the Louvre Museum, and its lithographic print (no.214) at Topkapı Palace painted by Maltese artist. Haci Bekir`s most reccommended speciality is the vintage taste Demirhindi. Demirhindi is the sherbet that is known as a natural panacea since the times of the Ottomans and it is used to be the favorite drink of the Sultans. If you would like to try Turkish Delights it is probably the one of the best in Istanbul.

Beyoglu Cikolatacisi

beyoglu cikolatasi

If you are a chocolate lover, you should try this historical chocolate store. Beyoglu Cikolaticisi started as Lider cikolata in 1954 and got its name “Beyoglu Cikolaticisi” after 1960. Let me thell you the reason behind their success; They only produce 300kg of chocolate per day because they don`t want to ruin the glamout of the Beyoglu Chocolate made by hand. They say “the only way to keep the quality as the first day, to produce handmade chocolate with the same recepie as the first day”. My favorite is the nut chocolate and the bitter almond!

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