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Raffles Hotel`s modern and stylish restaurant Arola offers you a nameable experience in Istanbul by Michelin Starred Chef Sergi Arola.
Sergi Arola is a celebrety chef with a rockstar reputation. They call him “the rockstar of the kitchen.” All his dream was about becaming a rockstar and fate ended his life as gastronomical rockstar!

His story started with his father. He spent most of his time in the kitchen cooking with his Catolanian father. He started building his carrer in Barcelona when he dah chance to work with 3 Michelin starred Ferrán Adrià. Then he worked woth another 3 Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire and many more.

He started with Catalan cusine and inspired by the best of all Spanish cuisines. Obviously it is not only Spanish food that shapes his style of cooking. His food even has something from Prtugal to Delhi. After Istanbul he is planning to go even futher to Mumbai to Chicago.

This crazy Michelin Starred chef in Istanbul is works miracles In Arola Restaurant. While he is here I suggest you to go, it might not be possible to find him in Istanbul next time you visit. Sergi is trying to make his food unique! In his own style. You migh eat something you already tried before or you already know but certainly it will not taste the same, will have its own taste and aroma belongs to Sergi. Timeout says “is it important to know who invented it or who is remembered for adding their personal touch to it? As Arola puts it, it’s like asking if Leonard Berstein’s famous recording of ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ in 1958 sounds better than Georges Gershwin’s original composition or if Picasso’s series ‘Las Meninas’ is better than Velázquez’s painting to which it paid tribute.” 

Arola restaurant offers you nice atmosphere for your special moments. The restaurant also features  a private dining area with a separate kitchen to be booked for special occasions, including a chef table for 12 guests.

Reminder* Arola Restaurant only serves dinner.

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