Most Popular Turkish Desserts You Should Try

In Turkey we love desserts and all dinners should end with dessert. If we are invited for dinner we usually take dessert as a gift. We have a saying that “Let`s eat sweet and speak sweet!” :) I love to hear that because that means something delicious is waiting for us :) hmmm.. yummmyy!

If you are in Turkey I strongly suggest you to try most popular Turkish desserts. See below;



I know for most of you baklava is too sweet but if you could try a good baklava, not from a kebab shop, you would love it. How to understand if it is good or not ? Simple, If sugar tastes more then baklava it is not a good one then. The taste of the baklava should be sweet but you should feel pistachios or walnuts more and you would loose your senses with adorable smell of the sweet butter…
Basicly Baklava is a pastry made from layers of filo filled with walnuts or pistachios and could be sliced as square or rectangle.

2- Kunefe


Kunefe is one of my favorite and one of the most popular Turkish Dessert. It is really famous and important dessert at where I come from. But actual homeland of kunefe is Hatay/Antakya. You can still eat good kunefe at Adana, Mersin, Kilis, Gaziantep though. Kunefe is an interesing desset that when you hear the recepie, you would not imagine that it would taste that awesome!
Basically, kunefe is crispy, special kind of cheese filled exremely delicious dessert made with kadayif. Kadayıf is actually finely shredded dough that has been dried by baking it and kadayif, what makes kunefe crispy. It is served hot in a special metal tray and cheese gets so strechy and that makes it so adorable for me!
Recepie; A large clumb of kadayif is pressed in to the bottom of the heavily buttered tray to make a layer. Special kind of cheese is spreaded on top of the first layer. Another layer of kadayif is pressed on the top of the cheese as a top layer. Large amount of clarified butter is drizzeld over the top and after it is baked the cold syrup is poured on the hot kunefe. hmm… Smells fantastic! Mostly served with ground pistachios on the top or ice cream if preffered.
3- Kabak Tatlisi (Pumpkin Dessert)

kabak tatlisi

I have never been a Pumpkin Lover ever in my life until I try Kabak Tatlisi! That day was milestone for my reletionship with pumpkin :) My friend Gunes used to ask me to order pumpkin dessert for us whenever I go to visit her and I used to say “No! I do not like pumkin!” Each time she said “ok, but they make it really good, you should try” I never did. One day I went to visit some collegues for business and they ordered pumpkin and fig desserts for me without asking. It was the fisrt time I tried and I loved! since then I am a PUMPKIN LOVER!
It is mostly served with kaymak(Turkish clotted cream)on the top. Pumpkins are sliced and cooked with huge amount of sugar. To make it crispy, sometimes it could be baked in the oven. If you want to eat a good kabak tatlisi you need to make sure it is crispy outside and soft inside. Actually oven is not the exact way to make it crispy, there is a secret trick to make it really crispy outside. I would not mind sharing if anyone asks. Please comment to learn the Secret Turkish Trick!
Ps* I still haven`t eaten kabak tatlisi with my friend Gunes yet. this blog reminded me I should :))

Bon Apetit!

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