Everyone in Istanbul in a rush. It is a huge city carrying over 14.000.000 people on her shoulders. Time pasts so fast , it is a 24 h alive city. Street food is the big part of the Istanbul way of life. Fast and delicious!
For Istanbul visitors, this city offers very wide range of street specialities. See below most popular street foods of Istanbul.



Simit is a crispy, ring shaped, simple but tasty susamme covered savory roll. It is even choosen by most elite Istanbulites.
Simit is baked in a stone oven, it is crunchy on the outside covered by susamme and soft inside. You can think it is kind of bread but no it is more then bread! Freshly baked simit smells amazing and once you try you can not give up!
It goes well with cream cheese and tea, also looks good on a rich Turkish Breakfast table.




It doesn`t matter if it is a winter or summer or spring. you can find kokorec in Turkey any time you want. It is extremely delicious satisfying. Maybe the idea of eating intestines of a sheep could be annoying for you but you just need to try. Yes I said intestines! How awful! But tastes absolutely nice! This traditional food of Turkey most probably brought to Anatolia by travellers from Central Asian Plateau.
They roll it and roast it on the fire with some spice and chopped tomatos. You choose size of the bread and they fill your bread with this spicy filling. You can ask for less spice or more. Goes well with ayran!


3-Kestane Kebap


Kestane kebap means roasted chestnut and it is my favorite street food! The best street food ever! If you visit Istanbul in winter please do not leave unless you give it a try. It gets roasted outside but when you bite a bit, you feel how soft and tasty inside. In winter, when it is cold outside, warm kestane bite in your mouth warms you up! yes, this is happiness. If you are searching for one kestane cart and if you cant find one, fallow the smell. It smells that owesome you can not miss it!


4-Midye Dolma


Midye dolma means stuffed mussels. The mussels are filled with rice and spices and served with squeeze of lemon. If you are seefood lover you might give it a try. Perfect anytime of the they and easy to find about every corner.
Taste of midye dolma is really depends on the person. Whether you like it or hate it.


5-Tavuk Pilav

tavuk pilav

Would you ever imagine rice with chicken as a street food? i would`t! When I came to Istanbul it was suprising for me to see rice on a street corner. Does`nt exist in my region. But i quite liked the idea lately and I gave it a try few times. I actually liked it! It taste good enough (of course not as good as my mother`s) and when you are hurry to fill your stomach tavuk pilav makes you feel full and happy :).
I suggest’ you should at least try once…

Now, I am asking to whom has already been in Turkey and tried Turkish street food… Tell me which one was the most delicious for you ?

Simge Uzkurt

Ginger Hair Travel Lover, mostly known as Curly!

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